Lines On The Road

Inspired by the 70's vibe, lead guitarist and main songwriter of "thrash legends" Death Angel releases his long awaited debut album. With Rob's distinct voice, guitar playing and a knack for hooks and melody, his music is as fresh as it is timeless.


Genre: Rock: Acoustic

Release Date: 2007

Lines On The Road - Rob Cavestany
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Comet - Rob Cavestany
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2013 - Death Angel "The Dream Calls For Blood"  

(Nuclear Blast)

2010 - Death Angel "Relentless Retribution"

(Nuclear Blast)

2009 - Death Angel "Sonic Beatdown" [Live In Germany ] (Nuclear Blast)

2008 - Death Angel "Killing Season"

(Nuclear Blast)

2007 - Rob Cavestany "Lines on the Road"

(Raw Bliss Records)

2005 - Death Angel "Archives and Artifacts" Box Set

(Restless Records)

2004 - Death Angel "The Art of Dying"

(Nuclear Blast)

2003 - Swarm "Beyond the End"

(Mausoleum Records)

2001 - Swarm "Devour" EP

(Industrial Strength Records)

1995 - The Organization "Savor the Flavor"

(Unsafe Unsane Recordings / Metal Blade)

1993 - The Organization "The Organization"

(Unsafe Unsane Recordings / Metal Blade)

1990 - Death Angel "Fall From Grace"

(Enigma Records - Unauthorized Release!)

1990 - Death Angel "Act III"

(Geffen Records)

1988 - Death Angel "Frolic Through the Park"

(Enigma Records)

1987 - Death Angel "The Ultra-Violence"

(Enigma Records) 

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